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I’ve added 5 UHQ photos of Taylor looking stunning in red to Taylor Cole Online’s photogallery for LA Celebrity MS Walk Kick-off Event. You can click on the thumbnails or the gallery link below for access, enjoy!    Appearances > 2014 > March 25th – LA Celebrity MS Walk Kick-off Event

Taylor Cole was spotted at Los Angeles premiere of ‘Ganzfeld Haunting’ at Laemmle’s Music Hall Theatre – Los Angeles, California, United States on Thursday, February 6th 2014! I’ve uploaded 32 UHQ photos of Taylor at the event and red carpet to the gallery, enjoy 🙂     Appearances > 2014 > February 6th – The premiere of ‘Ganzfeld Haunting’

Thanks to j-dean.net for the donation of 4 HQ photos of Taylor from the 2010 Sundance Film Festival! I’ve uploaded to Taylor Cole Online’s photogallery and you can check them out through the gallery links below or thumbnails.     Appearances > 2010 > Sundance Film Festival

I’ve added a few more HQ photos of Taylor Cole from various events from 2010 to 2013 that weren’t in the gallery. You can click on the thumbnails below or the gallery links to directly head over to the gallery.         Appearances > 2010 > January 28th – 1st Annual Data Awards – Arrivals (x1) Appearances > 2010 > July 24th – EW and Syfy Celebrate Comic-Con (x1) Appearances > 2010 > November

I’ve added 2 High Quality photos of Taylor attended the Marcus Allen Foundation 2013 Celebrity Invitational Poker Tournament on June 2nd 2013 to Taylor Cole Online‘s photogallery. The photos have not yet been seen before so they’re kind of exclusive and you’d want to check them out for sure!   Gallery Link: Appearances > 2013 > June 2nd – Marcus Allen Foundation 2013 Celebrity Invitational Poker Tournament

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