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Welcome to Taylor Cole Online, your ultimate online resource dedicated to the talented actress, Taylor Cole! You may know Taylor from her films such as The Green Hornet, 12 Rounds, The Ganzfeld Haunting or her television series The Event and Summerland. Here, we provide fans with the most up to date news, high quality photos, and video footage. Thanks for visiting and please check back daily!

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Happy New Years to everyone! It’s a bit late but I wanted to post this up as long as a new years present aka I uploaded 5 HQ photos of Taylor from one of her 2010 photoshoots to Taylor Cole Online‘s photo gallery! You can click on the thumbnail or link below, enjoy!


Photoshoots > 2010 > Moving Pictures

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Here is some new information about “The Ganzfeld Experiment” which stars Taylor Cole as Becket.

The movie is a thriller, horror Will be released on February 18th 2014. Also known as “The Ganzfeld Haunting” New official poster added:  Movie Productions > The Ganzfeld Experiment (2013) > Official Poster

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I’ve added HD screencaps of Taylor from her appearance in Addicts Anonymous episode 3 to Taylor Cole Online‘s photogallery. You can click on the thumbnails or the gallery link below, enjoy! Make sure to watch the episode if you haven’t already 🙂


 Web Series > Addicts Anonymous > HD Screencaps

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Taylor has joined instagram today and has uploaded a few beautiful photos already! I’ve added the photos to the gallery, so you can head over to enjoy! Make sure to follow her at @taylorquinncole 🙂


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So as promised, I’ve uploaded parts of The Event (that contains Taylor) in HD screencaps to the gallery. It’s not complete, just the first half of the season and missing the ending half. You can still head over to the gallery by clicking on the direct link or the thumbnails below. 🙂


TV Shows > The Event > HD Screencaps > 1×01 TV Shows > The Event > HD Screencaps > 1×02 TV Shows > The Event > HD Screencaps > 1×03 TV Shows > The Event > HD Screencaps > 1×04 TV Shows > The Event > HD Screencaps > 1×05 TV Shows > The Event > HD Screencaps > 1×08 TV Shows > The Event > HD Screencaps > 1×13 TV Shows > The Event > HD Screencaps > 1×14 TV Shows > The Event > HD Screencaps > 1×15

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As you may have known, I won’t be able to update the site for the next week or so because I’ll be going to LA! I’ll try to update if there is anything but most likely I won’t – no promises! As for that, I’ve uploaded the remaining screencaps of The Event to the photogallery. They’re not blu-ray quality unfortunately but I filled in the remaining episodes. I’m still missing episode 18, couldn’t find that anywhere. As when I’ll be back, I will upload some episodes of The Event with Blu-ray quality caps! That will only be for a few episodes unfortunately. Anyways, check it out at the gallery!


TV Shows > Numb3rs > 2×13 Double Down TV Shows > The Event > Screencaps > 1×13 TV Shows > The Event > Screencaps > 1×16 TV Shows > The Event > Screencaps > 1×17 TV Shows > The Event > Screencaps > 1×19 TV Shows > The Event > Screencaps > 1×20 TV Shows > The Event > Screencaps > 1×21 TV Shows > The Event > Screencaps > 1×22

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Thanks to j-dean.net for the donation of 4 HQ photos of Taylor from the 2010 Sundance Film Festival! I’ve uploaded to Taylor Cole Online’s photogallery and you can check them out through the gallery links below or thumbnails.


Appearances > 2010 > Sundance Film Festival

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I came across a rare still of Taylor from the movie 12 Rounds (Twelve Rounds) in HQ and I’ve already uploaded it to Taylor Cole Online’s photogallery a few days ago. You can click below on the pic or on the gallery link for the bigger image!

Movie Productions > Twelve Rounds (2009) > Still

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