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Mandy Cooper (TAYLOR COLE) is a young executive assistant who works for Deidre Kelley, a legendary New York public relations consultant. Though she longs to become a PR exec, Mandy’s hopes are crushed one summer day when Deidre tells her she doesn’t have what it takes to make it. Meanwhile, Prince Colin of Edgemere, a handsome British monarch with a history of scandalous behavior, is arrested for defacing a landmark while making a public appearance in the quaint town of Greenbriar, Idaho. When the news reaches Edgemere, Deidre is commissioned to execute damage control and restore Colin’s tarnished reputation before his arranged marriage to Lady Isabella, a prominent royal figure, is publicly announced. When Deidre falls ill upon arriving in Idaho, Mandy, unbeknownst to Deidre, assumes her identity and sets out to repair Colin’s public image. Before long, Mandy convinces the local sheriff to drop the charges against Colin in exchange for his doing community service. Through photo ops and a press conference, Mandy manages to mend the rebellious prince’s image, turning him into a media darling.

Soon, Colin, believing Mandy is the famous Deidre Kelley, confesses that his regimented life as a prince has not brought him happiness. On…

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Hungry for blood and by blood I mean pizza. #offtoATL #vampires #witches #TheOriginals ?????

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*edit: new movie title is ‘WEAPONiZED’

It seems like Taylor will be starring in a new movie titled ‘Swap’, according to her IMDB page. The movie is set to be released in 2016, and the only information available is a summary (below). We do know that Taylor’s character will be titled Angela Walker.

After a blatant terrorist attack on the Pentagon, and the resulting New War on Terror, private military contractor Kyle Norris (Tom Sizemore) facilitates the development of a bio-mechanical weapons program by Professor Clarence Peterson (Mickey Rourke) and Dr. Chris Downey. The program allows soldiers to “swap” consciousness with a target, giving them temporary yet complete control. While the program was intended to combat terrorists while safe guarding American soldiers, the program has been abused. Detective Walker (Johnny Messner) unwittingly stumbles upon the program and must fight not only to shut it down, but protect his young family from those who will nothing to keep the program moving forward.

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Sam’s love interest from the beginning of this season of “Supernatural”didn’t work out so well, since he chose hunting over reuniting with her. But all hope isn’t lost when it comes to his romantic prospects. In fact, it looks like an old flame could possibly be resurfacing, and, unlike Amelia, this one was a real hit with the audience, back in the day.

In the Season 1 episode “Provenance,” Sam and Dean met Sarah Blake, played by actress Taylor Cole. The character worked at her father’s auction house… and accidentally sold a murderous haunted painting to unsuspecting families. Unlike some of the damsels in distress that the Winchesters encountered, Sarah got deeply involved in the hunt. In fact, her bravery and wit impressed Dean so much that he told Sam to “marry that girl.”

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