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The official poster and the first trailer for ‘The Ganzfeld Experiement” staring Taylor Cole is out! I’ve added the official poster to Taylor Cole Online’s photogallery as well as the screencaps of the trailer. Below you can read a small description of the movie as well as preview the trailer! The Ganzfeld Experiment is a supernatural thriller from director Michael Oblowitz (The Breed).

I’ve uploaded 1000+ HD screencaps of Taylor’s appearances in CSI Miami season 10 to Taylor Cole Online‘s photogallery. This includes episode 10×07, 10×08, 10×10, 10×11, 10×12, 10×14 and 10×19. Enjoy 🙂        Gallery Links TV Shows > CSI Miami > 10×07 “Sinner Takes All” HD Screencaps TV Shows > CSI Miami > 10×08 “Dead Ringer” HD Screencaps TV Shows > CSI Miami > 10×10 “Long Gone” HD Screencaps  TV Shows > CSI Miami > 10×11

I’ve added HD screencaps of Taylor Cole from last week’s episode of Supernatural – 8×22 Clip Show. She looks stunning as usual, head over to the gallery! Gallery Link: – TV Shows > Supernatural > HD Screencaps 2×22 – “Clip Show”

I’ve added HD screencaps of Taylor from the movie, Surrogates. Unfortunately the movie stopped working for me halfway, so I’m unsure if that was all of Taylor’s parts in the beginning. Please advise me and I’ll see if I can find the second half to cap. If not, here is her appearance :] Head over to the gallery and check

I’ve added HD screencaps of Taylor’s appearance in the movie, Twelve Rounds to Taylor Cole Online’s photogallery. Head over and check them out!    Gallery Link: Movie Productions > Twelve Rounds (2009) > HD Screencaps

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