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I’ve uploaded some promotional stills of Taylor as Regina Cane in Castle 5×11 Under the Influence from last week’s episode. I’ve also added the screencaps of Taylor from that episode, thank you to S-Katic for donating them! So feel free to head to the gallery and enjoy! If you missed Taylor’s guest appearance in the episode, you can watch it at the official ABC site [here].



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I’ve been adding several photos to the gallery as fast as possible! All of Taylor’s public appearances throughout the years 2004 to present 2013 has been added in HQ! Majority of the photos are high quality which means they’re super big sized (2000+), so enjoy! If we’re missing any that you noticed, you can donate them to us and we’ll give you full credits 🙂 Take a look around!






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  • Appearances (Contains a few albums without a year date)

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