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I’ve also added screencaps of Taylor’s guest appearance in the show, Hawaii O-Five! Thanks to MaryJane for donating the caps 🙂 Head over to the gallery and check them out!


Gallery Link:

Thanks to MaryJane for her generous donation of screencaps of Taylor’s guest appearance in Two and a Half Men! The screencaps have been added to the site’s gallery now so feel free to head over and browse!


Gallery Link:

Hi guys, I think I will continue on with Taylor Cole Online for the meanwhile. I’m not 100% sure on my decision yet, and I still need time to really think it through.. but for the meantime it will continue to be open and operate 🙂 I’ll let you guys know if I make any further decisions. So as for now, I’ll still continue to update you guys!

I’ve thought about this for a few hours and I’m not sure what I will do (yet). I might shut down Taylor Cole Online and I thought if I made a post now about it, it will be a heads up to the visitors of the site. I know the site recently opened a few weeks ago, not even a month yet…… It’s upsetting, but I don’t have much of a choice..

When the site first opened, I was accused of stealing photos. Honestly, photos are all over the web and if you don’t tag it then how am I suppose to know if it’s your “exclusive” photo or not? There are tons of photos all over the web, and it’s practically impossible to tell if it’s yours or not without a tag.

I apologize if I ever took your “exclusive” photos, that was not any of my intention. My intention was to gather photos of Taylor from various places, agencies, forums, etc to create a full gallery for fans. If I ever did take your photo and you were offended, you should have came to me politely and asked me to remove it first. NOT accuse me of stealing and complaining about it… And by this I mean not only complaining about it online but going to Taylor and bringing this up. That’s very unfair. Lastly being rude and calling me names.

But in the end, I think it would be best to just shut this down instead. I didn’t open and spend all my own free time and hard work on a site that would be viewed as “someone stealing photos”. If that’s your first impression of me now because of what you heard, then I’m very disappointed. It was ‘nice’ starting this site from my love and admiration of Taylor and now it’s probably best to just close it. I’m sorry for the fans who have just found this site and loved the updates and photos so far, but it’s for the best. I rather not spend my hard work, free time and own money on something that wouldn’t be appreciated or worth it.

I‘ll think it through for a few more days before I do shut this down. In the meantime, you can head over to the gallery and save whatever HQ photos that I manage to have and those that were donated before they all disappear for good.

** Edited: I decided, the site will close. If Taylor herself has been purposely ignoring me because this is her perspective of me, then I am very disappointed. As a fan, it is a huge disappointment and it would be best decision to shut it down. It’s sad enough that there is practically none to zero information about her in one place, but now she will be losing a dedicated fan. I will close this site within 2 weeks (most likely the 18th or so) after my upcoming exams. I have nothing left to say to this matter, and will leave in disappointment. Sorry and this is for the best, good bye.

I’m so honoured to announce that Taylor Cole Online is the celebrity site of the day! This is an honour for us, and thank you! You can check it out here [proceed]

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