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Welcome to Taylor Cole Online, your ultimate online resource dedicated to the talented actress, Taylor Cole! You may know Taylor from her films such as The Green Hornet, 12 Rounds, The Ganzfeld Haunting or her television series The Event and Summerland. Here, we provide fans with the most up to date news, high quality photos, and video footage. Thanks for visiting and please check back daily!

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I usually wouldn’t make a post about this since it’s really irrelevant to the site and Taylor but it’s been a few months so far with no new updates and I hope everyone’s doing well. I just wanted to let you guys know I’m still here (lol!) and I haven’t abandoned the site, but there really has been nothing to update which is why it’s so quite. So in the meantime, just browse around and enjoy our lovely Tay pics at the gallery of Taylor Cole Online!

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