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Welcome to Taylor Cole Online, your ultimate online resource dedicated to the talented actress, Taylor Cole! You may know Taylor from her films such as The Green Hornet, 12 Rounds, The Ganzfeld Haunting or her television series The Event and Summerland. Here, we provide fans with the most up to date news, high quality photos, and video footage. Thanks for visiting and please check back daily!

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I’ve added screen captures of Taylor from 1×09 “flings & arrows” of Impastor to the gallery. You can head over to Taylor Cole Online’s photogallery to check it all out! Remember to catch Taylor in the season finale of Impastor tonight as well!    

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Did you catch Taylor’s guest appearance on Impastor TV last night? She was on episode 8 of season 1 titled “Bingo Tell It On The Mountain”. I’ve included a brief summary of the episode below as well as embedded the episode for those who cannot watch it outside of the US! It’s not the best quality (360p), but will have to do for now before it is released on iTunes! Enjoy 🙂

A new family’s arrival in town could mean the end for Buddy. Dora asks Buddy to help her overcome a bizarre addiction. Schmidt has a rendezvous with Ashlee. TONIGHT 10:30/9:30C on TV Land! (54:29)

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Hi everyone!

As you may know from following us on twitter (@taylorcoleORG) and Facebook (facebook.com/taylorcoleonline), the site has been down and offline for the past few weeks of August. This was due to the unforeseen circumstance of our previous host closing their doors, thus I had to back up the site and find a new host to transfer to. It may have took a few weeks, but we’re finally back online!

For a few changes to note:

Twitter is now @TaylorColeORG instead of @taylorqcolecom Instagram is now @TaylorColeORG instead of @taylorqcolecom Our domain is now taylorcole.ORG instead of taylorqcole.com

Please note the changes as the previous names will not be used and bookmark the new ones for future reference, thank you!

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*edit: new movie title is ‘WEAPONiZED’

It seems like Taylor will be starring in a new movie titled ‘Swap’, according to her IMDB page. The movie is set to be released in 2016, and the only information available is a summary (below). We do know that Taylor’s character will be titled Angela Walker.

After a blatant terrorist attack on the Pentagon, and the resulting New War on Terror, private military contractor Kyle Norris (Tom Sizemore) facilitates the development of a bio-mechanical weapons program by Professor Clarence Peterson (Mickey Rourke) and Dr. Chris Downey. The program allows soldiers to “swap” consciousness with a target, giving them temporary yet complete control. While the program was intended to combat terrorists while safe guarding American soldiers, the program has been abused. Detective Walker (Johnny Messner) unwittingly stumbles upon the program and must fight not only to shut it down, but protect his young family from those who will nothing to keep the program moving forward.

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For the first time, HBO is offering free access to full episodes of its original programming on Facebook, a move that if nothing else shows the growing clout in the video space of the social-media giant.

The premiere episodes of “Ballers” and “The Brink,” the premium cabler’s newest comedy series, will be available starting Wednesday on Facebook for a limited time, after their June 21 TV debuts.

“Ballers” star and exec producer Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson will host the episode directly on his Facebook page, which includes an intro by Johnso.

According to HBO, the episodes will not be available on YouTube or any other third-party digital platform, nor will they be available on cable, satellite or telco TV services (except to HBO subs). In addition to Facebook, the episodes are also available on HBO Now — its recently introduced over-the-top service — and HBO Go, for pay-TV customers.

In one sense, this is nothing new: TV programmers have long employed a strategy — known as “sampling” in the industry — of distributing free premiere episodes across multiple pay-TV and digital outlets. The idea is to raise interest in the shows so people will watch the full seasons.

However, by working with Facebook, will HBO gain enormous reach for the sampling…

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I’ve added a few screen captures of Taylor’s appearance on the Pilot (1st episode) of Ballers from last sunday night to our gallery. Head over to Taylor Cole Online‘s photogallery and enjoy!    

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I’ve updated the information regarding ‘Ballers’ to our website, and you can find it under filmographyballers, or click the direct link.

The episode list has been updated with the schedule for the upcoming first 6 episodes, as shown below.

Ballers: Ep. 101 – Pilot Jun. 21 – 10:00PM ET / MT Ballers: Ep. 102 – Raise Up Jun. 28 – 10:00PM ET / MT Ballers: Ep. 103 – Move The Chains Jul. 5 – 10:00PM ET / MT Ballers: Ep. 104 – Heads Will Roll Jul. 12 – 10:00PM ET / MT Ballers: Ep. 105 – Machete Charge Jul. 19 – 10:00PM ET / MT Ballers: Ep. 106 – Everything Is Everything

Remember to tune in this coming Sunday, June 21st at 10pm EST for the first episode!

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The biggest happy birthday to our favourite girl, Taylor Cole! Hope it’s a day filled with love, laughter, and happiness. We love you Tay, and wish you all the best 🙂 Have a good one!!! x o

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