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Tonight on Hallmark Channel, the “Countdown to Valentine’s Day” continues, as APPETITE FOR LOVE, starring Taylor Cole and Andrew Walker, premieres.

APPETITE FOR LOVE ” is a romantic comedy about a corporate executive (Mina) who is sent to a small town to rebrand a restaurant as part of a strategic acquisition. The only problem is that the iconic diner happens to be in her home town where she hasn’t been in years and the owner (Clay)  is her high school sweetheart.

Meet Mina and Clay:

TAYLOR COLE (“Willhelmina ‘Mina’ Jones):  In her 30s, a lovely urban sophisticate, Mina started life in Sycamore Springs, Tennessee, but has worked her way up the corporate ladder at International Corporate Brands in Atlanta. She is a rising star and not-quite-engaged to Reed, one of her co-workers.

Mina is sent back to Tennessee to deal with a knotty problem: IBC has purchased the Hart’s Restaurant chain, but the flagship restaurant, coincidentally in her hometown, refuses to adhere to new re-branding guidelines with respect to the menu and the overall presentation. Sent home to be the bad cop, Mina gets an unexpected surprise when the current owner of Hart’s turns out to be her former high school boyfriend, Clay.

Under strict orders to pressure Clay to follow the corporate mandate, Mina soon learns that she’s the one who needs to appreciate the small town ways. She soon finds, to her delicious surprise, that she may have a second chance to rekindle her romance with Clay.

APPETITE FOR LOVE is executive produced by Howard Braunstein, Marcy Gross, Ann Weston, Myra Morris, Mel Weisbaum and Christian Bruyere; Christian Bruyere is also producer. David Mackay directs from a teleplay by Damon Hill and a story by Howard Chesley.

APPETITE FOR LOVE premieres on Hallmark Channel tonight, Saturday, February 6 at 9/8c.

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