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I was going through the gallery last night and realized that there were many albums that didn’t have HQ versions of the photos! I’m thoroughly shocked because I remember uploading all the HQ photos and replacing the LQ and MQ versions a few weeks ago back in May. But for some odd reason, some albums have gone disappearing so I

I’ve uploaded and organized tons of HQ photos of Taylor into Taylor Cole Online‘s photogallery. These consist of appearances and events from 2004 – 2011 as well as episode stills and promotional pictures for Supernatural, CSI, The Event, and Two and a half men. All photos added are HQ, so enjoy! I’ve also posted the gallery links at the bottom

I’d like to thank Carol from Warren Kol for donating the 2 newly added pics to Taylor Cole Online‘s photo gallery! They are of Taylor from an event in August 2008 called  JAYO INVITATIONAL CELEBRITY BEACH VOLLEYBALL. Head over to the gallery to check them out, they are both HQ.   Gallery Link: Appearances > 2008 > August 23rd – JAYO Invitational Celebrity Beach Volleyball  

Special thanks to Nicole for donating these 4 HQ photos of Taylor at the Golden Globe Gift Suite in 2009! Check out more photos at the gallery 🙂   Gallery Link: Appearances > 2009 > Jan 29th – Golden Globe Gift Suite ? Presented by GBK Productions – Day 2

I’ve been adding several photos to the gallery as fast as possible! All of Taylor’s public appearances throughout the years 2004 to present 2013 has been added in HQ! Majority of the photos are high quality which means they’re super big sized (2000+), so enjoy! If we’re missing any that you noticed, you can donate them to us and we’ll give you

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