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A woman falsely accused of murder realizes that the person she donated bone marrow to now has a match for her DNA… and is using this new identity to implicate her in his crimes as his obsession for her grows. Starring: Taylor Cole, Jeff Kober, Billy Miller, Carly Chaikin, Brett Rickaby, Christine Adams Genre: Drama   UPCOMING AIRDATES Sat Mar 28

I found a photo of Taylor previously from filming “Bad Blood” which is also known as “The Chimera Principle” during production week in April 2014. Will post further information when revealed. For the meantime, enjoy this pic! Movie Productions > Bad Bloods (2014) > Behind the Scenes

Earlier this year and last year, Taylor has mentioned she was filming Bad Blood with some pics on twitter. Here is the information released about Taylor’s new movie “Bad Blood”. The director is Adam Silver. When Lauren Malone is falsely accused of murder due to a DNA match at the crime scene, she finds herself running from the law to prove

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