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I’ve capped, sorted and uploaded HD screencaptures of Taylor from her new movie, Dumbbells! I’ve added the catpures to Taylor Cole Online’s photogallery, and there is a total of 986 files! You can click on the thumbnails or the gallery link below for direct access. Enjoy and make sure to watch the film if you haven’t yet, it’s amazing! If

Today’s the big day! Dumbbells was released in theatres today as well as on iTunes. You can rent or buy the movie on iTunes if it’s not playing at a theatres near you (from what I remember, I think it’s only in the states/US). You can click on the link below which will direct you to iTunes site and then

So it’s announced that Dumbbells will be released on January 10th 2014! You can watch the trailer at the link below (Cannot insert it into the post because you have to be from the states and have a hulu account!). So if you’d like to watch the trailer, click the link below. I will try and upload the trailer once

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