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Thanks to Sarah for the information, The Minister’s Wife will be premiering on Lifetime in September! If there is any other new information about the premiere, I will add it to this post 🙂

Accordding to Gail O’Grady’s site, here is a more longer and descriptive synopsis of the upcoming movie “The Minister’s Wife”. “The Minister’s Wife” is based on a true story and Kathryn Casey’s book, “Deadly Little Secrets.” When Debbie Martin dies of an apparent suicide, her mother, Susan (Gail O’Grady), cannot believe she would kill herself. A happy mother of two little

I asked Taylor to give us a bit of information about the new movie, The Minister’s Wife that she just finished filming a day or two ago. She told us that it was based on a true story on Matt Baker and his wife from Texas. And so from there, I went to google about this story and here’s what

There was a set picture of Taylor filming for The Minister’s Wife which is an upcoming 2013 movie. There hasn’t been much information released for the movie but it is a thriller and Taylor’s character is Brianna Daniels. Gallery link:Movie Productions > The Minister’s Wife (2013) > Set pictures  

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