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All You’ve Got
Directed by Neema Barnette
Produced by MTV
Starring Adrienne Bailon
Ciara Harris
Sarah Mason
Jennifer Peña
Taylor Cole
Distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment
Release date(s) May 23, 2006
Language English

All You’ve Got is a 2006 sport/drama film, which debuted on MTV and is directed by Neema Barnette. It stars Adrienne Bailon, of the pop group The Cheetah Girls as Gabby and Ciara in her film debut as Becca Watley.


A rivalry between two volleyball teams (the Phantoms and the Madonnas) causes a big catastrophe when the two teams collide.

Gabby Espinoza (Adrienne Bailon) is captain of the Cathedral High Phantoms volleyball team. Her mother died when she was little, and recently, a fire claimed the life of her firefighter father. Coincidentally, the fire was in the Madonna’s school (the Phantoms’ rival).

Having to go to different schools and split up, the three Madonnas Lauren McDonald,Katilin, and Becca chose Cathedral High and joined the volleyball team. Tension forms between Gabby’s group Lettie and Rada and the Madonnas, causing them to lose during a volleyball game because of lack of teamwork. This makes the coach furious and he makes a speech about working together as a team and feeling the love. Soon after, the girls begin to warm up to one another and at the same time, winning game after game. Lauren’s friendship with the other girls, particularly with Gabby, makes Becca jealous and in a fit of jealousy, she tells Gabby about Lauren and Artie (Gabby’s ex-boyfriend) and a rift between the two escalates. During the game, a fight between Gabby and Lauren occurs. The coach tells them to put their own issues aside and focus on the game. After winning, Gabby and Lauren are back on good terms, agreeing that both should concentrate on their games first and deciding afterwards who should get the boy. Before the game starts, Becca puts Melatonin in Gabby’s water bottle. Gabby begins to lose focus, the coach suspects she’s on drugs and orders her to sit on the bench, replacing her with Becca. Gabby breaks down and the Phantoms win. Becca confesses to Lauren about what she did, with reason that she wanted her father to get to watch her play. She gets kicked off the team and the Phantoms head on to finals.

With determination, hard work and cooperation, the Phantoms win the championship. Becca makes up with Gabby. Gabby and Lauren didn’t care about which one of them gets Artie and the girls set off to make their dreams come true.


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