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My Summer Prince (2016)
When a prince, and heir to the throne, finds himself in some hot water for his partying ways, the royal family decides to hire a top notch PR consultant to work with him. As the consultant heads to meet the prince, she falls ill and her assistant must step in at the last minute. Unbeknownst to her boss, the assistant excels at creating a campaign for the Prince which proves to be successful. But when she finds herself falling in love with him, and the feelings are mutual, she soon has to deal with the fact that she’s been lying to him all along and what will happen when he finds out.



Mandy Cooper is a young executive assistant who works for Deidre Kelley, a legendary New York public relations consultant. Though she longs to become a PR exec, Mandy’s hopes are crushed one summer day when Deidre tells her she doesn’t have what it takes to make it. Meanwhile, Prince Colin of Edgemere, a handsome British monarch with a history of scandalous behavior, is arrested for defacing a landmark while making a public appearance in the quaint town of Greenbriar, Idaho. When the news reaches Edgemere, Deidre is commissioned to execute damage control and restore Colin’s tarnished reputation before his arranged marriage to Lady Isabella, a prominent royal figure, is publicly announced. When Deidre falls ill upon arriving in Idaho, Mandy, unbeknownst to Deidre, assumes her identity and sets out to repair Colin’s public image. Before long, Mandy convinces the local sheriff to drop the charges against Colin in exchange for his doing community service. Through photo ops and a press conference, Mandy manages to mend the rebellious prince’s image, turning him into a media darling.

Soon, Colin, believing Mandy is the famous Deidre Kelley, confesses that his regimented life as a prince has not brought him happiness. On July Fourth, as sparks begin to fly between Mandy and Colin, Lady Isabella shows up, disappointing Mandy by introducing herself as Colin’s fiancée. Things get worse for Mandy when Deidre and Colin finally discover she’s been lying about her identity. Furious, Deidre fires Mandy. Feeling betrayed, Colin returns to England, where he refuses to go through with his arranged marriage. With her life in shambles and the charming prince now far away, the young aspiring publicist wonders if she can salvage her own image, and have another chance at summer love.




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