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Spirits Bright (2021)


  • Date: Saturday November 27th
  • Time: 6:00 PM / 5:00c

Grace Ryan (Cole), the co-owner of a Richmond-based home staging company, returns to her hometown to be with her family for the Christmas holiday. The Ryans, seasonal holiday decorators, are competing in the annual Bright Nights contest for the opportunity to not only secure a lucrative contract to decorate every municipal building in town next season, but also a substantial cash prize. With Grace’s father’s furniture business on the ropes financially, this prize could turn his fortunes around. But they will have to compete against Mr. Ryan’s (Garry Chalk, “Beast Machines: Transformers”) ex-business partner-turned-arch-nemesis Frank Sotto (John Cassini, “Next”) and his family, as well as a tech-heavy newcomer. As Grace reunites with her childhood friend, Tony Sotta (Marks), Frank’s handsome son, they realize the only chance the families have to defeat the new tech-heavy company is to team up. Can the two families put aside their differences to work together towards a common goal, and possibly mend a decades- old feud?

“Making Spirits Bright” is from Timeless Pictures, Basset Hound Distribution, Michael G Larkin Productions. Michael Larkin, Alexandre Coscas, Michael R. Goldstein and Ben Silverman are executive producers. Shel Piercy is producer. Theresa Piercy is associate producer and Cynthia Chapman is line producer. David Bercovici-Artieda directed from a script by Pierluigi D. Cothran and Tom McCurrie & Stephanie Sourapas.


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