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The Glades (TV series)

The Glades is an A&E Network drama television series created by Clifton Campbell. The one-hour drama premiered on Sunday, July 11, 2010. The series stars Matt Passmore as Det. Jim Longworth, a Chicago detective who took a South Florida job with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) after being falsely accused of sleeping with his captain’s wife. The Glades was renewed by A&E for a third season on October 18, 2011, which aired from June 3 to August 12, 2012. The show has been renewed for a fourth season.

Character Bio: Jennifer Starke

Jennifer Starke is the beautiful, dynamic FDLE bureau chief. She is sent to the Palm Glade substation to evaluate their successful track record in hopes to recreate their high arrest rate in other stations state-wide. When it becomes clear that the team’s success is largely due to Longworth’s unorthodox style of investigation, Starke decides to hang around and get a closer look. In order to accomplish her goal, the bureau chief decides to take a more hands on approach in her evaluation, creating an interesting tension between her and Longworth.

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30 4 “The Naked Truth” Eric Laneuville Lisa Henthorn June 24, 2012 BDF304 3.11
A nude woman’s body is found under an overturned boat on a riverbank, leading the team to the nearby Swan Lake nudist colony. Jennifer flirts with Jim, telling him that she has to keep her eyes on him.
31 5 “Food Fight” Ron Underwood Dailyn Rodriguez July 1, 2012 BDF305 2.50
Carlos, Jennifer, and Jim go to lunch and find the owner of a food truck dead. Jim visits Callie to boost her mood. She then pours her heart out to him.
32 6 “Old Times” Kelly Makin Lee Goldberg & William Rabkin July 8, 2012 BDF306 3.19
Joggers find a woman’s dead body. She had been stabbed eight times and her body moved to the site. Although the episode begins with Jim and Callie in bed together, it ends with him having dinner with Jennifer.
33 7 “Public Enemy” Lee Rose Elle Johnson July 15, 2012 BDF307 3.37
Three boys playing football decide to check out a neighborhood house they have been curious about. They find the owner dead on the porch. Jim promises to help Callie in her tax case.
34 8 “Fountain of Youth” Gary A. Randall Tom Garrigus July 22, 2012 BDF308 3.18
A supermodel’s dead body is found in a pool at a spa. Jim and Callie profess their love for each other.
35 9 “Islandia” Emile Levisetti Dailyn Rodriguez August 5, 2012 BDF309 3.09
A $130 million lottery winner is found murdered. Autopsy shows trauma to the head and a poison in his system. Jim and Callie’s communication suffers as she must study for her exam.
36 10 “Endless Summer” Jeff Bleckner Story by: Shaz Bennett
Teleplay by: Wendy Battles
August 12, 2012 BDF310 3.10
The founder a new surf clothing line is discovered murdered just as she was to offer an endorsement to a young, local surfing champion. Jim proposes to Callie, even though she has passed her board exam and may move to Atlanta.

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