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The former daytime star “raised a tough competitor!”

Anyone who loves Hallmark movies is familiar with Taylor Cole, one of the network’s favorite actresses who just last month starred in Long Lost Christmas. However, did you know that she happens to be the step-daughter of Days of Our Lives alum Shawn Christian (ex-Daniel)? While we have showcased some of their family memories in the past, the former soap star recently gave fans a peek into one of their family-rivalry moments.

“Family traditions may come with… fun family rivalries,” Christian shared, along with a video of him and Cole. “When your step-daughter has a good competitive nature, you proudly appreciate you raised a tough competitor!”

In the video, Christian explains that they went on a little “family tree hunting” excursion… and with the snow coming down while standing outside of their vehicles, the camera first panned to the tree that Cole found, strapped to the top of her vehicle, followed by a look at the one her dad collected — a much smaller one inside his jeep!

“Petite… We’ll call it petite,” Cole joked, as Christian stated, “One small step, one small tree.” However, Cole wasn’t done making her point yet and interjected, “Winning,” which got a reaction out of her dad. “Bigger winning,” Cole elaborated then walked to her vehicle while Christian climbed inside his and expressed, “We’re happy with our tree.”

While Christian is currently engaged to his former Days of Our Lives co-star Arianne Zucker (Nicole), he married Cole’s mom Deborah Quinn in 1996 when the Hallmark actress was 12 years old. They later divorced in 2013.


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