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Kidnapping. Torture. Cop-killing. It’s all in a night’s work for beautiful bad-ass Vicky Roberts, the villainess played by model-turned-actress Taylor Cole on NBC’s “The Event.” (The fun, addictive show, equal parts political thriller and sci-fi chiller, airs Monday nights at 9pm.) In real life, Cole, 26, is much more easygoing than her alter-ego and prefers weekly rounds of golf with dad to, say, espionage and murder.

CONNELL BARRETT: How did you get into golf?

TAYLOR COLE: My dad got me into the game when I was 9, when he got me my first set of clubs. Maybe he wanted a boy. [Laughs] He signed me up for a two-week golf camp. I didn’t love it at first, playing in Texas in the heat and humidity. But I’m glad he made me do it, because now I love it, and I love playing with him.

CB: When did you get hooked?

TC: As I got older, 17 or 18, I got to travel the world being a model. And one of the most beautiful parts of any city is a great golf course. And there’s nothing like the feeling of pure contact.

CB: I’ve never acted — except when I tell my buddy “par” after I make double — but there must be parallels between golf and acting, right?

TC: When you’re acting, you have to let everything go and not think outside of yourself. You have to be one with the character. It’s similar to being one with the ball. You can’t think too much in golf or in acting. Somtimes when I struggle with first-tee jitters, I act like I’m not nervous, and that calms me down.

CB: How far do you hit your drives?

TC: About 220. Is that good for a girl?

CB: If it’s straight, that’s good for anyone. That’s plenty long.

TC: When I started, I didn’t know if I was hitting it far or not. I would just swing, and I’d hear, “Wow, you hit it 200.” I started out driving the cart and ended up driving the green.

CB: Last Monday, your character Vicky Roberts on “The Event” gunned down a cop who almost foiled a kidnapping. What would Vicky be like on the course?

TC: She’d be packing heat in her golf bag, that’s for sure. She wouldn’t take anything from anybody. She’s sweet and charming at first, but if she wants to play through, you’d better let her.

CB: Vicky uses her looks to her advantage. Being a former model in a very male-heavy sport, you must hear plenty of pickup lines, yes?

TC: It usually happens when I’m teeing the ball up. My shorts are shorter than most, so guys will say, “Can you re-tee? Take another one.” I had a date on the course, but he was a beginner, and I whupped him a little bit. [Laughs] I hit it farther than him.

CB: You dated Corey Pavin? Speaking of pros, what players do you find attractive?

TC: Well, Adam Scott is a hottie. And I like Rickie Fowler, who’s got a lot of game. It’ll be fun to see where his career goes.

CB: And if you and Rickie ever have a golf date, and it rains, you can take shelter under his hat. OK, last question. You’re single, and Tiger’s single. Does he have a shot with you?

TC: Umm, no. Well, unless he wants to caddie for me. I might let him carry my bag and read the greens. If he helps my game, then I might consider it.

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