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The Cast of Summerland: Taylor Cole: Surfer Queen [Interview]

As a gorgeous model, dark-haired, green-eyed beauty Taylor Cole graced the pages of many magazines and t.v. commercials. Voted “Most Likely to be Famous” in high school, the Texas native, whose mom was a model, flew off to shoots in New York and Europe all through her teen years. It was a family friend who encouraged her to try out for a part in the new WB summer series “Summerland” and she got the part of Erika, a hot surf instructor.

In our Malibu beach-side nook with cozy chairs and umbrella, we chatted with the tanned beauty who was wearing an off-one-shoulder green top, jeans and flip flops. Like it matters. This girl would look great in a burlap sack but we can’t hate her. She’s super friendly. Gurltalk with Taylor was easy and natural. We learned everything from her crushes to the difference between Dallas and L.A. hunks.

TeenHollywood: Can you tell the story of how you got this part?

Taylor: I was living in New York and I came to visit my step dad and my mom out here and it was pilot season and I didn’t know much about the business. I went out last pilot season on a few different things and got this part (in “Summerland”) as a guest star. It got picked up last year and they asked me to be a series regular so it was a blessing.

TeenHollywood: You’re supposed to be a big surfer in this. Do you know how to surf?

Taylor: No, I’ve never surfed before so I was encouraged to go out and learn how to surf so that at least I would look like I knew what I was doing even if I didn’t.

TeenHollywood: Did somebody train you here?

Taylor: One of my friends, Jack, he’s a really good surfer so we just went down past Huntington Beach because there are softer and easier waves to learn on. You get trampled by a few other good surfers but you learn. You bat your eyes. If you’re a girl, it’s ok.

TeenHollywood: No bad accidents or anything?

Taylor: No, if you’re a girl you don’t get into too much trouble but I do get caught in the zone where everyone wants to surf and I’m basically in every good surfer’s way which pisses off most good surfers. (laughs)

TeenHollywood: Do you like it?

Taylor: It’s very fun. I haven’t actually stood up on the board. I’ve got to my knees. Paddling, I’m comfortable with, sitting on the board I’m comfortable with. Everything is fun.

TeenHollywood: So they have a double for you?

Taylor: Yes, a body double.

TeenHollywood: You were a junior Olympian. What sport did you play?

Taylor: I played Volleyball. Indoor Volleyball. We played in the junior Olympics. I’ve played since I was 13 I think on different junior Olympic teams. They have different age brackets. Just playing and travelling around the world. The first time I came to California was to play in the Junior Olympics.

TeenHollywood: At a certain point that’s over?

Taylor: I tore my ACL. I went to rehab to come back for playoffs for my high school team but then I tore my Meniscus so then I just gave up and had my surgery. I really wanted to play in college but…

TeenHollywood: What’s different about California from everywhere else you’ve lived?

Taylor: The weather for one, I would come out here to visit my mom and get spoiled by the perfect weather and then had to go back to Texas’ humid, hot weather. Dallas, Texas.

TeenHollywood: So what’s the difference between Dallas boys and California boys?

Taylor: Dallas boys are more Momma’s boys. They’re sweet and the country accent always goes a long way. In Texas they’re all a different breed.

TeenHollywood: What you see is more like what you get?

Taylor: Yes. There you go.

TeenHollywood: What’s your favourite thing to do on a first date?

Taylor: I don’t like to date. I like to group date. The crew would go to Disneyland. You can always find something fun to do there or Disneyworld. Or the beach, the piers to shop. I’d take the boy shopping to see if he’s got any patience. Make him compliment me (laughs).

TeenHollywood: What’s your favourite thing to shop for?

Taylor: I like tops that are sexy in a different way, maybe off the shoulder or backless, just something that’s different.

TeenHollywood: What kind of qualities are you looking for in a guy?

Taylor: They have to make me laugh, good personality, definitely just a good sense of humor. Somebody that can take you away and not make you think about things that are bad or a bad day. Just take your mind off it.

TeenHollywood: What kind of music are you into?

Taylor: Hip-Hop, R& B, I like country. I like almost anything. I’m not much of a rock ‘n roll kind of girl. Anything you can dance to. I love to dance.

TeenHollywood: What do you think you’d be doing if this hadn’t worked out?

Taylor: I was modeling in New York. I’m not sure but I probably would have gone back to school this year because the plan was to take a year off.

TeenHollywood: What would you major in?

Taylor: I’m not sure. Something practical, economics maybe.

TeenHollywood: What is your pet peeve?

Taylor: When people touch my face. When they are helping you out, like make-up people, that’s a different story.

TeenHollywood: What’s the basic thrust of your character? How does she fit into the show?

Taylor: Jay who lives in the house owns a surf shop and I work in the surf shop. Basically, I kind of help Bradin, the teen boy, to ease into California by giving him a few surfing lessons and in turn he has a crush on me.

TeenHollywood: Do you have a crush on anybody in the series?

Taylor: Yes I do, Jay – the guy who owns the surf shop. I think we had a relationship before.

TeenHollywood: Where do you see your character going or what would you like to see happening with her?

Taylor: Right now she’s pursuing Jay so I would like to see a successful follow through and her getting Jay!

TeenHollywood: What do you think is the most romantic place on earth?

Taylor: I’ve been to Italy. It’s amazing. I was in Venice, how’s that?

TeenHollywood: You were voted ‘most likely to be famous’ in High School? How did they see that far ahead?

Taylor: I modeled in High School and I was in magazines so it didn’t take talent, just a face in a magazine and they thought I’d be famous. There was a guy who actually had talent, he was a singer, so I felt kind of off beat. They vote for a guy and a girl so he was going to be famous for a talent and I was going to be famous for being in a magazine. Weird.

TeenHollywood: Is there a person in the business that you have a crush on?

Taylor: That O.C. kid is really fine. Adam Brody he’s really cute. He’s got a good personality.

TeenHollywood: Do you have any workout or health tips?

Taylor: Don’t be afraid of carbs. I’m a much more happy person with carbs. I tried the whole less-carbs thing and I wasn’t a very nice person. Working out is key. I just started Pilates I’ve just done the three starter Pilates sessions and I couldn’t walk. The first two were nice just kind of easing me into it and the third one kicked my butt. I couldn’t walk for the next three days. Now I have a weight trainer that I work out with as often as I can and I have an elliptical trainer at my house.

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