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Hi everyone!

As you all know, Taylor’s birthday is coming up soon. It’s on April 29th and I know I should have organized a birthday project for her earlier but I was so caught up with the last days of school. I’m currently only tackling my finals and then I’ll be done. So far, for Taylor’s birthday I created a page where we can all wish and send her birthday wishes! You can visit the page below and spread it out to more fans! Be sure to write your name and leave her a message to read. I’ll be sending it to her as a surprise :]

Don’t tweet her about it! But just try to spread the word out. We have a bit more than 2 weeks for messages. If you’d like to send any fan-art, you can submit them as well and I’ll be posting them up on the site to share. You can email me at staff@taylorqcole.com. Got any questions? Leave a comment below and I’ll get to you!



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