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Interesting Facts

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  • Taylor attended the University of Arizona.

  • Supernatural star Katie Cassidy gave Taylor’s name as her identity when arrested for under-age drinking on November 15th 2007.

  • Taylor Cole was in the MTV movie, All You’ve Got that also features Daniella Alonso who played Anna on the the WB show, One Tree Hill.

  • Taylor is 5′ 8½” (1.74 m) tall and has hazel eyes.

  • Taylor has a half-brother named Kameron.

  • Taylor is interested in martial arts.

  • Taylor’s body double on Summerland was also teaching her to surf.

  • Taylor currently lives in Los Angeles.

  • Taylor has shot a photo campaign for Dooney & Bourke handbags.

  • Taylor was in high school when she started her modeling career.

  • Taylor’s mother’s name is Deborah Quinn.

  • Taylor and her stepfather Shawn Christian worked together in Summerland.

  • The Summerland producers liked Taylor so much they made her guest-starring role a regular one.

  • Taylor was visiting her mother in Los Angeles when she went to an audition forSummerland.

  • Taylor was living in New York City to pursue her modeling career when she was offered the role in Summerland.

  • Taylor has done photoshoots in France, Italy, Australia, and Germany.

  • Taylor has worked as a professional model.

  • Taylor was part of the Junior Olympics volleyball squad.

  • In high school, Taylor played on the volleyball team.

  • Taylor was raised in Arlington, Texas.

  • Taylor stars in the music video called “Scars” by the group Papa Roach.

  • Taylor appears in the Ryan Cabrera music video for the song “True.”

  • Taylor is the step-daughter of actor Shawn Christian.

  • Taylor has 2 white tattoos!

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