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  • My character is ‘nice girls aren’t always what they seem’, which is fun to play something so unassuming in the pilot and have a huge, amazing impact on the rest of the series. So I’m excited to mix things up.” — Taylor Cole, interview with Television Blend (Speaking about her character Vicky Roberts on The Event)

  • “I personally like the fact there’s a lot of questions but you get a lot of answers. So each week you’re not frustrated and your on the ride for the long haul, but in the short term you’re getting answers. So it’s fun to watch each week.” — Taylor Cole, interview withThe Bobby D Show (Speaking about the general tone and structure of The Event)
  • Taylor: Girls from Texas are not all about big hair and makeup, and I never rode my horse to school. I swear!

  • Taylor: Basically, I live in a bathing suit, but because I am supposed to be a surfer it’s not all about string bikinis or anything. My wetsuit covers up a lot.

  • Taylor: Just like my character Erika, I can’t seem to stop flirting with everybody on the set.

  • Taylor: I moved here from New York. It is very strange to be running around in a bathing suit when it’s actually snowing back home.

  • Taylor (about her character, Erika): All about chasing boys and making trouble. Oh, and she also happens to be a surf instructor, which is pretty ironic, since I don’t know how to surf – yet.

  • Taylor: I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, but that doesn’t mean you can put me in a category.

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