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Hi Everyone,

To celebrate Taylor Cole Online’s fifth year anniversary, (wow, half a decade!) I’ve renovated the website with a brand new layout! These five years have been wonderful and I couldn’t have done it with you guys who visit the site, support Taylor, etc. I only hope TCO is able to be your central online location bringing you all the up to date news on Taylor, sharing her films and guest appearances on tv shows, and more. When times got tough, you guys kept me going and I couldn’t give up. One can only dream to become Taylor’s official website (one day….) right? 😉 

I’ve changed the look of the website to be more colourful and simpler, which will hopefully make navigation easier. Please take a look around the site and I hope you like the refreshing look. If you see any issues or glitches, please feel free to reach out and let me know so I can get them fixed right away! Thanks ?

Webmistress of TCO

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