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I’d just like to take this moment to say a huge thank you to Taylor Cole for being the wonderful gal that she is.

News and Information are taken from various sites, they will usually be credited in the post that they are posted in. Pictures and media are from the various photographers themselves, credit is given in the post as well.

Media files are edited by myself with the use of photoshop solely for the use of Taylor Cole Online.

Below are special credits, if I’ve missed anyone – please shoot us an email at tcoleonline@gmail.com 🙂

Special credits:

  1. Godaddy for the domains (www.taylorqcole.com), which are purchased under myself, Sandi.
  2. Wikipedia, IMDB, Baidu for biography information.
  3. Flaunt for hosting us!
  4. S-katic for screencaps of Taylor in Castle 5×11.
  5. Nicole for Taylor’s SAG Foundation Photoshoot.
  6. Michelle for Taylor Cole Online’s first layout [here].

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